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Parish News - October 2014

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The present Parish Council comes to an end in May 2015 when, if enough people want to be councillors, there will be an election for the new Parish Council on the same day as the general election. So now is the chance for you to think about whether you would like to be a councillor.

There are seven councillors, five from Cuddesdon and two from Denton. The only qualification you need to become a councillor is that you live in the parish of Cuddesdon and Denton or within three miles of it. If you care about your community then now is the opportunity for you to have some effect on how it operates, to improve it and to change things.

The present councillors talk now and then about how they would like the council to be more diverse, so whatever your walk of life, please consider being a councillor. I am sure the councillors will forgive me when I say that the duties of a parish councillor are not particularly arduous, and hopefully it can be enjoyable.

There is a new planning application for the erection of a grain store and hard standing at Slay Barn Farm (P14/S2961/FUL). The site for this is set back from the road on the way to Wheatley. The Parish Council has recommended that this application should be recommended for approval.

The facebook page for Cuddesdon and Denton Community News is proving very popular, with nearly 100 followers. Take a look at it if you have not done so already.

The multiplay equipment with the slide at the play area on the recreation ground is now quite old and the Parish Council thinks it might be time to replace it with something more up to date. This will only be possible if we can get a grant to pay for the new equipment, so if it goes ahead it will be a while before anything happens.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk