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Parish News - January 2015

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Maria Hart from Parkside has been co-opted onto the Parish Council to replace Kathy Hawley. Maria has attended several council meetings and she is keen to see the village run well. She will be a councillor at least until the election in May.


The County Council have told us that in order to save money the verges on the roads leading into the village will only be cut twice a year in future, with some additional cuts to the visibility splays at junctions. The Parish Council is not happy about this and we have told the County Council that this will increase the risk of accidents along our narrow country lanes. The County Council is also proposing to halve the grant they give us to assist with paying for grass cutting within the village.

The carols round the Christmas tree were well attended and were a great success. They were led this year by Matt Simpkins. Jean Gardner would like to thank everyone who supplied mince pies and the Parish Council would like to thank Jean Gardner for supervising the mince pies and mulled wine.

The District Council has approved the planning application for there to be a war memorial on Cuddesdon Green (P14/S3425/FUL), although they have not yet decided if the agreement can be modified which would allow building on the Green. The application to build a grain store at Slay Barn (P14/S2961/FUL) has been approved, and a request has been made to allow a certificate of lawful development to build a rear extension at 17 High Street (P14/S3639/LDP).

The Planning Inspectorate has decided that the proposal to define the river crossing at Chippinghurst as a public footpath will be decided by written representations rather than by holding a hearing.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk