Parish News - February 2015


The closing date for nominations to stand for the next Parish Council is 9th April. Some guidance notes and nomination papers will be sent to me in March so you can get these from me, or you can get them directly from the District Council’s elections office or from their website. The first meeting of the new Parish Council will be on Tuesday 12th May.


The never ending problem of fly tipped rubbish on our roadsides continues. Recently some has been left in field entrances on the road to Wheatley, on the footpath between Parkside and Bishop’s Wood and even in the bus shelter near Parkside. I contact the District Council whenever I become aware of fly tipped rubbish and they are usually very efficient about removing it. They can be contacted directly on their website in the “pay report reply” section or by calling them on 03000 610 610 to report fly tipped rubbish.

The other never ending problem is dog mess left on pavements and footpaths. Please clear up after your dog. Dog mess can now be put in ordinary waste bins so it should be even easier for dog owners to cooperate and make our village a pleasant place.

The District Council decided not to grant a lawful development certificate for the proposed rear extension at 17 High Street, so a planning application (P15/S0163/HH) has been submitted for this. The Parish Council has recommended that this application should be approved.

The County Council is going to reduce our grass cutting grant by more than £500 this year but the Parish Council has decided not to change the grass cutting schedule, so there will be no reduction in the number of times the grass is cut.

The Planning Inspectorate has received two statements in favour of the river crossing at Chippinghurst being defined as a public footpath and two objections to the proposal.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk