Parish News - March 2015


The District Council has agreed to allow modification of the agreement made when the Parish Council acquired Cuddesdon Green so the war memorial can now be erected there. Planning permission for the memorial has already been granted and so a contractor is now being sought to carry out the work.

The planning application to build a two storey rear extension at 17 High Street has been approved by the District Council (P15/S0163/HH). A request has been made to allow a permitted development for conversion of a barn to a dwelling at Upper Farm in Denton (P15/S0525/PAR). A request has also been made for listed building consent to allow some internal modifications to be made at Ripon College to include en suite facilities in existing study bedrooms (P15/S0652/LB).

The law has been changed so the Parish Council will not have to have an external audit after this year, which will save us money and be a personal relief. However a transparency code has been introduced so we will be putting additional financial information on the website, such as a list of all single payments we make which are greater than £100.

There will now be a short lull in the proceedings of the Parish Council. There is not going to be a meeting in April and the next meeting will be on 12th May with the new council. I would like to thank all the councillors who have served in the last four years for always being helpful and co-operative. In particular, March’s meeting was Martyn Percy’s last one since he is now Dean of Christ Church. He has served extremely effectively as chairman for the last seven years.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk