Parish News - June 2015


Congratulations to Richard Palmer and David Keene who have been co-opted onto the Council, which now has its full complement of seven councillors.


The local bus service has been unreliable on several occasions recently in that the bus has not turned up. Heyfordian have been told about this but have not been very responsive. Anne Purse, our county councillor, is concerned that the subsidy for this service may soon be cut or removed altogether.

An application has been made for a certificate of lawfulness for the building work done some years ago at 44 High Street (P15/S0912/LDE). This relates to the extensions which were built at that location. For most residential work, if the construction took place more than four years ago then the extensions can remain whether they had planning permission or not.

The listed building consent for modifications at White Cottage in Denton (P15/S1313/LB) has been granted by the District Council. There is a new application to build an agricultural access track round Upperfield Farm (P15/S1723/FUL) and the Parish Council has recommended that this should be approved.

A charity bike ride will be passing through Cuddesdon on Sunday 6th September and the bikers will be stopping at a feeding station on the recreation ground for refreshments. This event will last most of the day.

Southern Gas have replaced their dilapidated utility cabin near Parkside with a new one. Thanks go to David Keene for making this happen.

A bit early to tell you perhaps, but the bonfire night celebrations this year will be on 31st October to avoid clashing with the World War commemoration events which are scheduled to take place on the armistice weekend of 8th November. The commemoration funds have been considerably bolstered recently by a donation of £5,000 from the Parochial Church Council.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk