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Parish News - August 2015

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The planning inspector was going to visit the location of the river crossing at Chippinghurst to assist him to decide whether the crossing should be designated as a public footpath.

But he now considers that it would be better if there was a public enquiry to decide this matter and so the site visit has been cancelled. He has not yet said when the public enquiry will take place.

 The District Council has granted planning permission for an access track to be built at Upperfield Farm in Denton (P15/S1723/FUL). The District Council has issued a certificate of lawful development for the building work previously done at 44 High Street (P15/S0912/LDE).

In September, the District Council is going to submit a response to the government’s proposal to relax the Sunday trading laws to allow greater flexibility over the hours that large shops can stay open. They want to hear how residents and local businesses may be affected if these changes go ahead. Under current arrangements large shops with more than 280 square metres floor space can only open for up to six hours between 10am and 6pm on a Sunday, while smaller premises are free to open all day. You can express your view on the proposed changes to the District Council at by Thursday 10th September.

The CADET fund held by the Parish Council is a fund set up many years ago to assist people with travel for health reasons, for example to visit their doctor or go to the hospital. The fund still has some money in it, so If you make such a trip, for example by taxi, then please let me know and provided you have a receipt for the payment, then you will be paid this amount from the CADET fund.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk