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Parish News - September 2015

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There is a change of date for bonfire night and the fireworks.


The event is now going to be on Sunday 1st November to avoid clashing with the rugby world cup final. The timings are as before with the doors opening at 6.00pm and the fireworks at 6.30pm. Please come along.

It is very difficult to encourage the County Council to repair the potholes effectively. But if there is a pothole you want fixed then go to the council’s website at and follow the link to “report a road problem”. The more people who complain, the more likely it is that a pothole will be repaired.

There are two new planning applications. One is for replacement of a flat roof by a pitched roof on the garage at 2 Bishop’s Wood (P15/S2721/HH), and the other is for installation of a lift and partial reconstruction of the kitchen wing at Denton House (P15/S2867/HH). The Parish Council has recommended that both of these should be approved.

The County Council is proposing to reduce the number of household waste recycling centres in Oxfordshire from seven to three in order to save £350,000 per year. If you have an opinion on this please let them know by filling in the questionnaire at

The water mains in Denton are old and often in need of repair. The Parish Council is asking Thames Water for a more permanent solution to this problem such as replacement of the mains rather than constantly having to repair them.

We have had our annual RoSPA safety report for the play area on the recreation ground and this shows that all the equipment is in good order.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk