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Parish News - October 2015

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The public inquiry to consider whether the river crossing at Chippinghurst is a public right of way is going to be held on 8th March 2016 at Garsington Village Hall and is likely to last three or four days.

The Parish Council has decided to take a neutral position on this. They want there to be a foot crossing over the river. However they cannot decide whether this is more or less likely if the proposed crossing point is approved, or if the alternative rerouting of footpaths with the crossing a little further downstream is eventually allowed. The river is much wider at the proposed crossing point and so it would be expensive to put a pedestrian bridge there.

Thames Water have told me that they will only consider replacing a water main if it fails 12 times in a year, so it seems very unlikely that Denton’s water main will be replaced. The Parish Council is not happy with this response and will continue to press for a permanent solution to the problem.

The District Council has granted planning permission for replacement of a flat roof by a pitched roof on the garage at 2 Bishop’s Wood (P15/S2721/HH).

The people who cut the grass have been asked to do it on a day other than Monday because the wheelie bins are getting in the way and preventing them from cutting all of the verges.

The District Council has confirmed that it has no plans to allow any large scale homes or business developments on green belt land within its district. The council commissioned a study and it is adamant that it will stand firm against large developments such as the one proposed at Grenoble Road. You can see the study at SODC’s website.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk