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Parish News - November 2015

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The weather was good for the fireworks, if a little misty.

As a result the event was well attended, was enjoyed by everybody, and it just broke even. The bonfire was lit earlier this year and also the food is now served before the fireworks rather than after them. Both of these changes seem to work well.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who helped make the fireworks such a success, including Charlie Chapman, Dave Christie, Siobhan Cooney, Sophie Farrant, Elizabeth Gillespie, Kathy and Keith Hawley, Ellie Hollindale, Nicola and Ian Holmes-Brown, Gillie King, Jan Raynor, Rebecca Ridgway, Graeme Sellar, Paul Sellar, Will Surman, Jez Turner, and Clarendon Business Centres for providing the food, and the Bat and Ball for preparing it. And congratulations to Tom Hollindale for winning the guy competition.

The Parish Council has had requests to make the bus shelter at Parkside more open so it feels safer. So the window has been changed to a door and an extra window has been added on the other side. These changes were made by Paul Sellar.
The planning application for reconstruction of the kitchen wing at Denton House (P15/S2867/HH) has been approved by the District Council.

From time to time there are acts of petty theft and vandalism in the village. Recently someone had a car tyre slashed. The Parish Council encourages anyone who suffers such a crime to report it to the police. At least they will then know what is going on, might patrol here a little more often, and might even catch the perpetrators.

It is good to see that the road surface on Denton Hill has at last been repaired, even if we did have the inconvenience of the road being closed for a few days while the work was done.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk