Parish News - January 2016


Natasha Turner has decided to resign from her position as a Parish Councillor.

She has been on the Council for just over two years, but during that time has made a significant contribution. She should be thanked in particular for her assistance with events such as bonfire night, where she supervised the food and organised making the guy. She has offered a different and useful perspective during discussions, since she has a young family and was the only woman councillor.

So now there is a vacancy for a councillor. It is not a very arduous position and would give the successful applicant the opportunity to have more effect in the village and to contribute to the community. If you are interested in this position then please contact me and write a few words about yourself. The council will then decide who they think is the most appropriate candidate.

A new planning application has been submitted for erection of a grain store at Slay Barn Farm (P15/S3789/FUL). This is the same as the previous application except that the roof has been designed with two spans rather than one and so the building will be lower. The Parish Council recommended the application for approval and it has subsequently been approved by the District Council.

Since the County Council has decided to stop subsidising all the bus services in June, it seems very likely that the 103 and 104 services will cease at that time, although there is some discussion with the bus company about whether any services can continue to operate.

The village Christmas tree was supplied this year by Wheatley Christmas Tree Farm near Asda, and they charged a very reasonable price for it.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk