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Parish News - February 2016

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The Parish Council are very concerned about the disturbance and problems caused by the previous occupants of 3A Parkside and are anxious to avoid a repetition of this.

We have investigated how the tenants are selected for affordable housing in our village. The allocation is made by the District Council, who say that tenants are vetted for good behaviour before they are given a house, although that obviously failed in this case. Tenants are only selected from the District Council’s area, but the Parish Council would much prefer it if they came from the immediate neighbourhood, particularly as there is such a shortage of housing here for people when they grow up and want to leave home.

There are several owners of affordable housing in the village and they are responsible for the behaviour of their tenants. These landlords will not be aware that there are any problems unless they are reported to them. If you want to report a problem then you can do so directly to the landlord or you can let me know in complete confidence. If the Parish Council think your complaint is valid then I will find out who the landlord is and pass the information on to them. Hopefully we will then be able to minimise any problems which may arise.

All may not be completely lost as far as us keeping a bus service is concerned. Although the County Council’s subsidy is going to stop soon, Heyfordian, who run the buses, are eager to maintain some sort of a service to our village if at all possible.

Finally, a reminder that the enquiry into whether there is a public right of way across the river at the stepping stones near Chippinghurst will start at 10.00am on 8th March at Garsington village hall.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk