Parish News - March 2016


Paul Sellar has volunteered to be a councillor, and the Parish Council is very pleased to co-opt him as a replacement for Natasha Turner.

The Parish Council has been pressing Heyfordian to maintain our bus service when the subsidy stops, but Heyfordian have decided that the service will no longer run to Cuddesdon or Denton. The Parish Council does have some money for a transport service in what is called the CADET fund. If someone would be willing to give up some of their time to transport people, for which they would be paid mileage, and there is interest in using such a service, then the Parish Council will try to organise it. The proposal is to take people to Wheatley, where they might catch a bus or go to the supermarket, for example. If anyone is interested, then please contact me.

Some more complaints have been received about dog fouling in the village. I do not usually express my own opinions in these reports, but I think it is disgusting that some owners allow their dogs to roam on their own and defecate in our public spaces, and some owners do not clear up after their dogs even when they see them make a mess. This is particularly objectionable when it happens where children might play, where people might walk, or where people might play sports like football. Dog fouling is also illegal. The Parish Council is very reasonable about allowing dogs in our public spaces without insisting they are kept on a lead anywhere. You would think these owners might have a little more respect for their fellow citizens and clear up their dog mess.

There is a new planning application for enlargement of the rear extension and modification of the outbuildings at The White Cottage in Denton (P16/S0230/HH). The Parish Council has recommended this application for approval.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk