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Parish News - April 2016

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A new electrical cabinet is going to be installed next to the phone box in Cuddesdon High Street as part of the better broadband programme to upgrade the broadband service.

A fibre connection is going to be made between the Wheatley exchange and the cabinet, which should improve the service to the premises connected to the cabinet. I have not been told how much faster the broadband speed will be, but I have been told that it should affect premises in 32 postcodes in Cuddesdon and Denton. The latest date by which it is promised to be operational is December 2017.

There is a planning application for the cabinet (P16/S0881/T28), but the application is for information only and does not allow for any consultation.

Anne Purse, our county councillor, is investigating whether members of the public will be able to use the school buses, now that Heyfordian are no longer going to run their service to the village.

The enquiry into whether the river crossing at the stepping stones in Chippinghurst is a public right of way has now taken place. The inspector has not said how long it will take him to reach a decision on this matter.

A tree inspector from the County Council has looked at the two horse chestnut trees on Denton Green which are next to the track and near the road. Both these trees are diseased but the inspector considers that they are safe. You may recall that these trees, among others, were previously inspected a few years ago.

The road at Wellbourne corner is in a bad state. We have asked for it to be repaired many times before, but each time when a repair is done, it does not last for very long. We are pressing the County Council to make a longer term, more permanent repair.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk