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Parish News - May 2016

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Each year the Parish Council elects a new Chairman.

This year Chris Luke has been re-elected to the post for another year. When Chris took on the role, I think he was only intending to do it for a short while, but he has grown into the job and manages the Council very well.

The Parish Council asked SODC to replace the rather dilapidated road sign at the end of Parkside and they have now done this and also put a new sign on the other side of the road.

One of the bridge parapets near Cuddesdon Mill has been damaged three times in the last couple of years. The County Council has repaired it twice but are not eager to do it a third time if it is just going to be damaged again.

The planning application for The White Cottage in Denton (P16/S0230/HH) has been modified to reduce the size of the extension. The Parish Council has recommended this revised application for approval.

Recently two people have contacted me about my reports. One was to ask for more information about the possible increase in broadband speed in the village, and the other was critical of something I wrote a short while ago. I have been writing these reports for ten years now and no one had ever contacted me before about them, but I am always pleased to hear what people think, whether it is favourable, critical or neither.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk