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Parish News - June 2016

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The government is very keen for communities to develop neighbourhood plans. They see this as a way for local development needs to be correctly assessed. For example, they consider that a planning application which conflicts with a neighbourhood plan should not normally be granted. The Parish Council is investigating whether we should have a neighbourhood plan for Cuddesdon and Denton and would like to hear from anyone who would be prepared to be a part of the team which develops the plan.
The bus service to the village is stopping in July, but there is a possibility that special buses might be available to transport people to Wheatley so they could connect with other buses to Oxford. This might be on some or all the days of the week. If you think it would be useful to run a bus then please let me know what time you would like it to depart and return, and what days of the week would be best for you. We can then assess demand and press for this service.
The planning inspector has decided that the river crossing in Chippinghurst at the site of the old weir is not a public right of way. He decided, on the balance of probability, that there was never a public footpath across the river at this location. This follows a public hearing in Garsington earlier in the year. It is difficult to assess what this means, but it might increase the possibility of the footpaths in the area being rerouted. These changes are supported by all the landowners and should not result in any reduction in accessibility. The rerouting includes a crossing point a little further downstream, so one day a bridge might be built there where the river is narrower. However, any change to the present footpaths seems very remote and the cost of a bridge is likely to be very expensive, so I am not anticipating any changes in the near future.
The planning application for the extension and modification of outbuildings at the White Cottage in Denton (P16/S0230/HH) has been granted by the District Council.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk