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Parish News - September 2016

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The Parish Council was asked whether there could be an illuminated 30mph sign in the village which lit up when traffic exceeding the speed limit went past it.

However, we will not be able to do this because the cost of a sign would be about £3000, there are no grants for this, and it is beyond the Parish Council’s finances to be able to afford it.

A RoSPA inspection of the play equipment on the recreation ground is carried out each year. This is to make sure that the equipment is safe and it also has to be done so we have proper insurance cover. This year the inspector decided that the cradle swing might become unsafe because of corrosion and so it was temporarily removed, and a new replacement was installed by Arthur Smith-Fitchett.

Also recently the top surface of the roundabout was replaced by Richard Palmer and Salt Sellar. I hope this lasts longer than the previous one. The steps on the way up to the slide were also replaced because they were becoming rotten.

A footbridge in Denton near the brook had become unsafe and its boards have now been replaced by the County Council, following a request from the Parish Council. If you know of any stiles or bridges on local footpaths which you think need to be repaired, then please let me know and I will endeavour to get them fixed.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk