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Parish News - October 2016

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Collections from the post boxes in Denton and at the top of Denton Hill in Cuddesdon are made at 9.00am in the morning while the collection at the post box near the College in Cuddesdon is made at 4.15pm.

I have asked Royal Mail if the two earlier collections could be made at the later time but they are not prepared to change them. This would be more convenient, particularly for people who live in Denton. The earlier collection does not mean that the mail is delivered any sooner and the reality is that the two post boxes with the earlier collection are emptied by the postman who delivers our mail, and this is usually at about lunch time.

The Parish Council is dissatisfied with how the recent road closure for sewage pipe repair works at Ladder Hill in Wheatley was managed. This project was handled by Thames Water rather than the County Council. Ladder Hill is a major and well used route and it is surprising it needed to be closed for a full three weeks, with no work being done during evenings or at weekends. During the closure there was an increase in traffic on the road past Cuddesdon Mill, and this highlighted the inadequacy of the passing places. The Parish Council has asked for these to be improved in the past, with no success.

Also, one of the bridges at Cuddesdon Mill was damaged, no doubt because of the increased traffic volume and because larger vehicles were using this road. This happened just as the long standing damage to the other bridge was repaired. The Parish Council would like there to be a weight limit on this road, because it is unsuitable for large vehicles.

The District Council has granted the planning application for erection of a lean to at Upper Farm (P16/S2226/FUL).

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk