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Parish News - November 2016

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Fireworks night was well attended this year, with 190 tickets sold.

The weather was good and the evening went very well. For the second year, food was served before the fireworks, which reduced the amount of queuing. Also, the people serving were very efficient at handing out the food. The fire was lit before the fireworks, and this also seems to work well. The team letting off the fireworks had impeccable timing and so there was a very good show.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event a success again, including, but not limited to, Charles Chapman, Sophie Farrant, Kathy and Keith Hawley, Nicola and Ian Holmes-Brown, Gillie King, Mia and Josh, Jan Raynor, Graeme Sellar, Tasha and Jez Turner, and Margaret Watts. Thanks also to the Bat and Ball, who cooked the food.

The event made a loss despite the good turnout. This is mainly because of the cost of the food, as the fireworks have remained at the same price for several years. Nevertheless, the Parish Council regards this as an important event, since it is generally the best attended occasion in the village’s year.

The large gate to the recreation ground had been locked at the start of October to try to limit the size of the fire, by preventing any vans or trailers getting in, but this seems to have had little effect on the eventual size. Fortunately, the wind was in the north west, so no one was affected by the sparks from the fire or by the fireworks.

A major branch on the walnut tree on Denton Green has broken away and this was removed and the tree tidied up by Salt Sellar and Richard Palmer. An arboriculturist is checking what is left of the tree to make sure it is healthy and safe.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk