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Parish News - January 2017

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There has been a problem making the fibre optic connection for superfast broadband to the enclosure in Cuddesdon High Street and Openreach are checking this in January.

Hopefully superfast broadband will be operational by the time you read this, but Openreach will not commit to having the problem fixed before the end of March.

There is a new planning application for Dovehouse Farm (P16/S3997/FUL and P16/S3998/LB). This is to allow construction of the site entrance before various preconditions for the housing development are satisfied, such as approval of the roadway design, the drainage, the windows and doors, and the landscaping. The applicant is doing this because the development has to be started by June 2017 or the previous planning application lapses. Once the work has started, the development can be continued and completed at any time. Constructing the site entrance before June is an inexpensive way for the applicant to make sure the previous application does not lapse. The Parish Council has recommended that this application should be refused because they believe it has been submitted simply because it is to the applicant’s financial advantage.

Sadly, Jean Gardner died before the carols around the Christmas tree this year. The Parish Council would like to thank her son Chris for managing the refreshments, and for Jean’s previous management of the refreshments for many years. The Parish Council would also like to thank Craig Jarman and Will Surman for putting up the Christmas tree.

A quad bike has been ridden on the recreation ground. You are reminded that motorised vehicles are not permitted on the recreation ground. This is a public area for everyone’s enjoyment and it is not safe to have motorised vehicles where people may be walking their dogs, playing ball games or enjoying other activities.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the walnut tree on Denton Green is not considered safe and so it will be removed and replaced by another walnut tree. The two nearby horsechestnuts have been pruned and so they should need no more maintenance for many years.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk