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Parish News - February 2017

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The fibre broadband connection from the Wheatley exchange is now operational.

Better Broadband Oxfordshire think that 171 premises in Cuddesdon and Denton should now be able to order superfast services as a result of the cabinet going live. Upgrade to superfast broadband does not happen automatically. People need to contact their internet service provider to request the service. A choice of suppliers is available, so customers are advised to shop around to find the most appropriate deal for their needs. A number of broadband comparison sites exist which can be helpful in determining the best package.

Better Broadband Oxfordshire have also told me that “It is important to note that not all premises within a postcode area will necessarily be able to order superfast speeds (above 24mbps). Premises will be able to access a range of speeds – some will get superfast broadband and others will be able to get anywhere between 2Mbps and 24Mbps, depending on distance from the cabinet. There may be some premises or areas that cannot be reached by the fibre network so alternative technology solutions will be deployed to ensure that all properties within the project area are able to order a minimum of 2Mbps”.

There is more information about upgrading to superfast broadband at:

A certificate of lawful development had been applied for at 8 Bishops Wood to erect a side extension, a rear extension and some outbuildings (P17/S0163/LDP). The applicant considers that this is a permitted development not requiring a planning application.

BT is removing the public telephone from the High Street. They are also removing 72 other public telephones in the area. They say that use of these phones has declined by over 90% in the last ten years and it is no longer necessary to have them.

Historic England (the public body which looks after England’s historic environment) is investigating having the war memorial listed. The Parish Council agrees that this should happen.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk