Parish News - March 2017


The condition of Denton Lane has worsened, particularly because of heavy construction traffic.

Also, the condition of the road to Cuddesdon Mill near Wellbourne has worsened again, with running water and bad potholes. There is also damage to both of the bridges at Cuddesdon Mill where traffic has driven into them. The Parish Council have asked for work to be done at all of these locations, but so far there has been no activity from the County Council.

The County Council has said that there are no passing places on the way to Cuddesdon Mill, only areas where traffic has pulled off the road to allow others to pass. David Keene has kindly filled in some of these unofficial passing places which should make it easier to travel along this road.

The planning applications to construct the site access at Dovehouse Farm before the predevelopment conditions are satisfied (P16/S3997/FUL and P16/S3998/LB) have been granted. The application has also been granted at 8 Bishops Wood (P17/S0163/LDP) for a permitted development not requiring planning permission to erect two extensions and some outbuildings.

There are several alternative routes for the proposed new Oxford to Cambridge road. Depending on what you believe, one of these routes might pass close to us, joining the A34 north of Abingdon to the M40 and then onwards to Milton Keynes. The district and county councillors have been reporting about this proposed road to the parish council meetings. The latest information we have been given is that a decision on the preferred route is not likely to be made before the end of the year.

The war memorial has now received grade 2 listing.

Anne Purse, our county councillor has announced that she will not be standing again in May’s election.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk