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Parish News - April 2017

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Both the bridges at Cuddesdon Mill have been damaged where vehicles have driven into them.

The County Council have said they will need to close the road to make repairs to the bridges, although they will not say when this will be done.

Concern has been expressed about the addition of windows to the original design of the conversion from a barn to a house at Upperfield Farm. This development did not need planning permission and was allowed as a permitted development in spring 2015. The subsequent increase in the number of windows was confirmed by an exchange of letters between the developer and the planning officer early in 2016. The planning officer has said that this is legally all that is required.

It is very frustrating to try to have any road repairs made in the village. The condition of the road on the way to Cuddesdon Mill near Wellbourne has always been bad, but now it is worse than ever and has caused damage to several cars. One of the latest messages I have had from the County Council is that “We assessed this enquiry in line with our highways policies and found that no further work is currently required”. This is a very unsatisfactory situation and a representative of the Highways Department has agreed to attend the next parish council meeting to explain what is going on.

There is a new planning application for Dovehouse Farm (P17/S0977/DIS). This is for the discharge of two conditions relating to the development: the plans for site access and the construction traffic management plan.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk