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Parish News - May 2017

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The Parish Council and members of the community are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of the Oxford-Cambridge expressway passing through or near our community. A very well attended public meeting was held in May to discuss how best to prevent this happening, with parish councillors and about 40 residents present. There was much sensible discussion about how to prevent this major new road running near to us, probably along the Thame Valley. The Parish Council is eager to form a group to counter the possibility. If you are interested in helping then please tell one of the councillors or come along to a parish council meeting.
The Parish Council is very happy for residents to put their combustible garden refuse on the bonfire site on the recreation ground during the few weeks leading up to bonfire night. However, please do not include any furniture, anything containing metal or any glass. It is not acceptable to put anything on the site at any other time of the year. To the person who put their rubbish there during May: please do not leave your mess for someone else to clear up but take it one of the council’s waste sites yourself.
Keith Stenning from the County Council’s Highways Department attended May’s meeting. The Parish Council was particularly concerned about the state of the road near Wellbourne on the way to Cuddesdon Mill, but were not very reassured that any significant repairs would be made soon.
Unofficially. the County Council has said that they are concerned about the strength of the bridges across the river at Cuddesdon Mill and are considering introducing a reduced weight limit.
There is a new planning application for Dovehouse Farm (P17/S1415/DIS). This is for the discharge of the condition relating to an archaeological investigation of the site.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk