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Parish News - June 2017

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At June’s well attended parish council meeting there was more discussion about the best way to proceed to counter any proposal for the Oxford-Cambridge expressway to take a southern route past Oxford.

It was agreed it would be best at present to develop a neighbourhood plan which emphasised that it was undesirable for the road to pass near the village. Ten people have agreed to serve on the action group investigating development of the neighbourhood plan, which will become part of the District Council’s planning policy once completed. Development of the plan can be quite expensive and time consuming.

It was felt that direct action, such as writing to influential people in local and national government should be done later.

Our new county councillor, Kirsten Johnson, attended the meeting. She is opposed to the building of an expressway, whatever route it takes, and will support us to prevent it being built near here. She thinks greater emphasis should be given to improvement of the rail link to Cambridge.

Local parish councils have been asked to join us in opposing the expressway, and there have been positive responses from some of them. John Howell, our MP, is opposed to any route through the green belt and favours expansion of the A34 to the west of Oxford. Ian Hudspeth, leader of the county council, is noncommittal about his preferred route.

The County Council has patched up some of the potholes at Wellbourne Corner. We are still trying to get them to make some repairs to Denton Lane where it has become rutted because of the construction traffic which has used it.

The Parish Council has now officially become owner of the war memorial. It was previously the village cross and was owned by the church.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk