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Parish News - October 2017

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John Howell MP visited the village in September so he could see for himself the possible routing of the Oxford-Cambridge expressway.

On a day with good weather he was shown where the road might go, and he then had a light lunch at the Bat and Ball. The concerns of the village were explained to him and he seemed sympathetic to the view that the southern route was not a good option. He said that he was going to discuss the proposed road with Chris Grayling, the Transport Minister.

The letter writing to those with influence about the expressway seems to have had an effect, and has been commented on by several recipients. Peter Rutt, who is chairing the expressway group, is organising meetings with Ian Hudspeth, the head of the County Council and John Cotton, the head of the District Council to discuss the proposed road. Development of the neighbourhood plan is now under way, with discussion about the plan’s scope and its terms of reference.

There are currently five local road defects which have been reported to the County Council and need to be repaired. They include potholes, damage to the two bridges at Cuddesdon Mill and other road damage. It is very difficult to get any response from the County Council about any of these. The County Council is pressing central government to contribute more money for road repairs.

The Parish Council has recommended approval of a planning application for an extension to link the garage to the house at Oak Tree Cottage in Denton (P17/S3269/HH). The planning application to build an extension and outbuilding at 8 Bishop’s Wood (P17/S2164/HH) has been amended but the Parish Council still thinks it should be refused on the grounds of overdevelopment.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk