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Parish News - November 2017

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Cricks, the Wheatley butchers, provided the sausages for the hot dogs at the fireworks at a very reasonable price.

As a result of this and because the event was very well attended, a surplus was made, which partly compensates for the loss made last year.

The fireworks seem to get better each year. These have been supplied for many years by Fantastic Fireworks in Wheatley. The team who let off the fireworks has been the same for a while, and the sequencing of them improves every year.

The Parish Council would like to thank all those who helped with the event, including Charles Chapman, Siobhan Cooney, Keith Hawley, Nicola and Ian Holmes-Brown, Claire Hickson, Kirsten Johnson, Gillie King, Therese and Waveney Luke, Susan Palmer, Jan Raynor, Graeme Sellar, Tasha and Jez Turner, Lynda Ware and Margaret Watts.

John Howell MP has written to the Expressway Action Group to say that he is opposed to a new road being built through green belt land to the south of Oxford and he thinks that existing roads should be used wherever possible. He has discussed this with Chris Grayling, the Transport Minister.
Highways England have said that the route will be decided by July 2018 and there will be no public consultation or public enquiry before this.

There are now more than 23 villages in the Expressway Action Group and they have started a Facebook page to promote their views.

The planning application at 8 Bishop’s Wood to build extensions and outbuildings (P17/S2164/HH) and the application at Oak Tree Cottage for a link between the house and garage (P17/S3269/HH) have both been granted by the District Council. There is a new application for listed building consent at Denton House to modify the location of the lift (P17/S3697/LB) and the Parish Council has recommended that this should be approved.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk