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Parish News - February 2018

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The Parish Council has decided to recommend refusal of the planning application at Dovehouse Farm (P17/S4413/FUL and P17/S4414/LB).

The councillors were very disappointed that no social housing was going to be included, meaning that future generations would continue to be driven away from the village because of the high housing cost. There is not a legal requirement for affordable housing because there are only nine dwellings. However, the total floor area exceeds 1000 square metres and so affordable housing should be included, although the developers argue that it is not viable.

The area to the east of the site is not going to be developed and the Parish Council thinks there should be a covenant on this area to prevent it being built on later.

The barn is going to be altered to provide living accommodation. It is going to be retained as a shell with accommodation inside it. The Parish Council does not think that this will give sufficient protection for this listed building in the long term.

At February’s meeting, the Parish Council was asked about road repairs in the village. I do not write about this often in the Newsletter, but I am in monthly contact with the County Council although I have had very little success in getting anything done.

Current significant issues are the state of Denton Lane near Upperfield Farm, which the Council have told me has been fixed although it has not, and the state of the road to Cuddesdon Mill near Wellbourne, which the Council has told me has been marked for repair although no work has been done.

The Council has said they will repair the bridges at Cuddesdon Mill before April, and this will require a road closure. There is also the problem of the water leaks at the bottom of Denton Hill.

Anyone can report road defects to the County Council. It might have more effect if more people did.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk