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Parish News - March 2018

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The neighbourhood plan subcommittee have completed their character assessment of the village.

This is the first stage in the process of developing the neighbourhood plan. Publication of the character assessment follows a successful consultation evening in the village hall, which was attended by 34 people. The character assessment can be viewed on the village website.

The Expressway Action Group have had a successful meeting with Jacobs at Waterstock. Jacobs are the consultants acting for Highways England.

The environmental arguments concerning the location of the road are becoming more important and the Action Group have submitted an ecological appraisal of the affected area to Highways England. Professional ecologists undertook a field survey and this with environmental data formed the basis of the appraisal. It can be viewed on the village website.

The Action Group is trying to persuade Highways England to consider the possibility of upgrading the road to Swindon, since this is an important route and its improvement would reduce the amount of traffic on the A34.

Peter Rutt has also recently had a meeting with treasury minister Liz Truss in London, to discuss the expressway.

There is continued inactivity on the part of the County Council’s Highways Department to fix any of our local roads. Recently Wheatley Tyres reported that they had had four people in a week seeking tyre damage repair because of the potholes near Wellbourne.

Kirsten Johnson, our county councillor, suggested I should contact Yvonne Constance about the state of the roads. She is the County Council’s cabinet member responsible for highways, and I have written to her in the hope that she will be able to get something done.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk