Parish News - April 2018


I recently received an anonymous letter concerning a matter in the village.

I let the Parish Council know about all the correspondence I receive, but it is very unlikely that they well take any action in response to anonymous letters. Apart from not knowing who has sent it, it is often the case that more information is needed before any action can be taken.

Highways England have issued a briefing showing the possible corridors that the Oxford-Cambridge expressway might take round Oxford. The maps are very vague, with two of the three corridors showing routes which might pass either to the east or west of Oxford.

A decision on the preferred corridor is expected in the summer. The proposed routes within that corridor will be shortlisted by autumn 2019 and then put out to public consultation. The selected route will be announced in Autumn 2020, with construction beginning in 2025, and the expressway opening in 2030.

There is growing activity from the Expressway Action Group. Recently there was a meeting of the Group at the village hall, which now has 37 member parish councils. A poster campaign has started and there was a well-attended action day in Cuddesdon in April which the press and TV came to. This resulted in items appearing on local TV and radio, as well as articles in the press.

The Action Group now has its own website, which contains up to date information on its activities, how to become involved and how the expressway route selection is progressing. The website is at

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk