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Parish News - June 2018

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The quality and regularity of the grass cutting in the village has worsened.

I have written to the grass cutting contractor asking for improvements. The first cut of the year for all areas needs to be at the beginning of April, with the verges being cut regularly at four week intervals and the recreation ground and Denton Green cut regularly at two week intervals. If a cut is missed because of bad weather as it was last year then that cut should be made as soon as possible without waiting for the next scheduled cut. Both the verges and recreation ground must be cut shorter, in particular so that football can be played on the recreation ground. Also, some areas have been missed this year and I have listed these to the contractor.

There is a proposal to convert another barn at Upper Farm to a house. This conversion is being sought as a permitted development, which means a planning application is not required. Recent legislation has made it much easier for this to be done. The Parish Council’s view is not considered relevant when there is a permitted development. In fact, in the letter sent to us, the planning officer has written that “I am unable to take into account any comments on this notification from your council”.

The latest planning application for Dovehouse Farm (P17/S4413/FUL and P17/S4414/LB) has been approved by the District Council.

It seems it is time again to remind dog owners not to let their pets foul in public areas. If they do make a mess then please clean up after them. And please do not let your dog roam alone around the village.

The Parish Council has asked the County Council to extend the 30mph speed limit further along the road to Cuddesdon Mill so it includes the two bridges.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk