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Parish News - October 2018

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The main problem with the local roads at present seems to be leaks rather than potholes, since most of the potholes have been repaired over the summer.

Near Wellbourne corner, the road had been very wet for some time with a badly broken up surface. Thames Water came and dug up the road but then decided the leak was not their responsibility. After that the County Council did a lot of work at the location including fixing the drainage under the road at several places and properly resurfacing the road. It is now better than it has been for some time. Unfortunately there is still some water coming to the surface and this is likely to break up the road over the winter. The County Council do not consider that the leak is bad enough at present for them to take any further action.

There are two leaks on Denton Hill. The first is part way down the hill coming out of the bank. The County Council do not consider it to be their responsibility to do anything about this, although they have improved the drainage at that point so most of the water is going down the nearby drain. The other leak is further down the hill coming out of a BT manhole cover. This is probably the same water that is coming out of the bank. The County Council have instructed BT to fix this problem. In reality it probably means the water will reappear further down once BT have stopped the leak.

And once again, some more about dog mess. Thank you to the dog owners who walk along the path beside Parkside for putting your dog mess in bags, but please put the bags in the nearby bin.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk