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Parish Council Meeting Minutes - April 2009

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7th April 2009 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Present: Martyn Percy (Chairman) MP
David Keene (Vice Chairman) DK   
Kathy Hawley KH
Nick King NK   
Cyril Sellar CS
Katrina Sheldon KS
Elizabeth Gillespie (SODC) EG
David Turner (OCC) DT
Mike Mount (Clerk) MM

Apologies: Lynda Ware LW


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


31.1 Trees
A tree officer from SODC (Matt Gulliford) had been shown photographs of some of the trees and had written confirming his agreement with the pruning of four of them. He had not commented on tree 4126 which the OCC arboriculturalist had said should be felled. It was agreed to ask him to come and view this tree and ask for his opinion in writing.
Action: MM to arrange an inspection

31.2 Moles
Only two moles appeared to be left on the Recreation Ground.

31.3 Basketball Fund
• An additional £1000 to £1500 was needed for the project, and KH was seeking some additional grants.
• A site visit was required to finalise the location of the surface.
• Mike Coates had been suggested as the project manager from the Youth Club
 Action: MM to contact Mike Coates

31.4 Brook Lane Flooding
DT had informed OCC about the stream flowing onto Brook Lane causing damage to the road surface.

31.5 Chippinghurst Footpath
OCC had confirmed that the definitive map showed that the footpath at Chippinghurst Manor is a permissive path. Action: MM to advise Ian Caldwell

• SODC had approved the application for an extension at 44 High Street (P09/W0087) despite the Parish Council’s objections.
• It was agreed that a representative from OCC’s Highways Office should be invited to attend a Parish Council meeting to explain why they had not objected to the reduction in street parking. Action: DT
• It was also agreed that a representative from SODC’s Planning Committee should be invited to attend a Parish Council meeting to explain why the Parish Council’s views appeared to have been ignored. Actions: EG and DT
• It was agreed that a note should be put in the newsletter encouraging applicants to discuss their plans with the Parish Council before they are submitted to SODC to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Action: MM


33.1 Payments
M Mount Clerk’s salary £182.34
HMRC Clerk’s PAYE £182.31
SODC Second election expense payment £172.24
OALC Annual subscription £126.26

33.2 Receipt
First half of precept £3250.00

33.3 VAT Reclaim
No VAT reclaim was made for the preceding three months since the total amount was less than £100.


NK: The litter pick had been a success, with 13 people taking part.


SODC had sent a copy of their core strategy for comment. OGBN were keen for the Parish Council to comment, and had pointed out that SODC were in favour of developments at Wheatley and Berinsfield which were within the green belt.