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From the Parish Council Chairman - April 2022

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Welcome to British Summer Time.

This is not a late and ironic April Fool’s observation but my sincere hope that together as neighbours we can find cheer and a positive energy as the year progresses.

There weren’t too many joys in the first quarter of 2022 with the continuation of the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine. The knock-on effect has been rising fuel prices, an inflated cost of living and the threat of a wider war.

But we must have hope that there can be peace and that the spring and summer will have positives. Certainly in our Parish we are planning a few community events to help raise the spirits.

The senior citizens lunch in the pub may well have taken place by the time you read this and next up will be the Fete on 14th May. On the committee we feel a little rusty after two years without organising the event, but after so many people enjoyed the Garden Trail last summer, we are confident that it will be a welcome community gathering whatever the weather. Thanks to everyone who has offered to help on the day as we just can’t do it without you all. Of course success is measured by funds raised but this year, of all years, I feel the bringing together of our community is all important. The band is booked, the college students are primed to help alongside villagers and, however chaotic the dog show turns out to be, there will be an afternoon of fun and games for us all to enjoy and one proud canine crowned ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’!

Less than three weeks later we will be celebrating the double bank holiday for Queen Elizabeth. After helping my daughter with her spanish presentation on the value of the monarchy in the modern age, it often seems illogical not to be a republican. So I, like most of the great British public, remain ‘illogical’ and am happy to be so. For me it’s more than just ‘it’s good for tourism and we get an extra day off this June’. I somehow like the pageantry, the duty, the continuity and the sense of national unity that our Queen creates and I think it’s irreplaceable.

More details to follow, but we will be lighting a beacon on Thursday 2nd June,  gathering in the pub on the Saturday night (with a concert beforehand in the Edward King Chapel) and then there’ll be a Shared Village Lunch and games on the Rec on Sunday 5th. 

I hope everyone keeps well this April and I look forward to better times to come.