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From the Parish Council Chairman - May 2022

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Bring on the summer, bring on the Fete and all hail the Jubilee.

We’ve had two years of pandemic, the war in Ukraine and a cost of living crisis. It’s time to find some bargains in the White Elephant, win a coconut and watch children laugh as they bosh each over the head with a pillow on a slippery pole.

If we can’t do this then we cannot find the headspace to do everything else that is sent to test us.

When I first drafted this I was isolating with my second case of covid. Yes, dear readers, I have contracted covid at both Christmas and Easter ensuring that I can work merrily throughout the year, but only get ill during the holidays. It’s funny how your body knows when you’re on leave, but only quite funny. I know others have been suffering with covid from across the Parish and I wish everybody well and a speedy recovery.

For my own part, I had the enviable chance to go abroad a year ago but had to delay my trip because of lockdown. Exactly a year on the same thing has happened – this time because I was ill with it. My passport is a lonely, dust-ridden item in a drawer in our house that may never get an outing if the current trend continues.

Luckily the village has events planned for the Jubilee as well as the Fete. I look forward to seeing you all at both and at the Litter Pick on 8th May to get the village spruced up beforehand. In terms of the Jubilee, we have worked with the Bat and Ball to come up with some fun village events and on the Sunday we are planning for a proper village jamboree on the Rec.

If I get covid for a third time on that weekend I’ll be majorly miffed, though I’m sure others are capable of mixing a good jug of Pimm’s. It’s all about the fruit.

In the meantime and more seriously, I hope that the UK continues to support Ukraine, despite Putin’s threats, because sending our money and resources makes a big difference in terms of saving lives and to the future look of Europe.