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From the Parish Council Chairman - June 2022

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Before I talk about the Jubilee, as a famous footballer once said “It’s déjà vu all over again”.

In 2003 we’d just installed an oil cooker in our newly revamped cottage and payed 19p a litre for our first order of fuel. After our merry dance into Iraq a month later our next order cost 60p and we’ve rarely looked back.

As I fill up my car now I am somewhat confused by the fact that I have barely passed 30 litres and the bill says £60 already. I remember how depressed I was when fuel hit £1 per litre but we are now in a totally new landscape where I wonder how long I’ll be able to afford to drive to work! The cost of living crisis is beginning to bite and I hope you are all buckling down and prepared. We can’t all afford a Tesla and they will doubtless be powered by dubious electrical sources for years to come anyway…. i.e. no greener than the diesel car that I just got rid of because it’s now unwelcome in London. 

Though we talk about cars it’s really about people. On my work team, we’ve chosen Tuesday and Wednesday as our ‘all-in’ collaborative days when we expect everyone in. I hope this will be enough to create the spirit we all want to regain.

This month is all about the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee. We are hoping to create a Jubilee Spirit in Cuddesdon, Denton and Chippinghurst in a few day’s time. For everyone who is away I wish you a fantastic holiday and for everyone who is here I invite you to come to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in the village.

The details are in the newsletter but make sure you join us for the Beacon Lighting on Thursday 2nd June and the Village Lunch on Sunday 5th June if nothing else. We have a barrel of beer and Pimms jugs on the Sunday and they have your name on them.