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From the Parish Council Chairman - December 2022

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The Christmas period is upon us once again.

I hope everyone will have a chance to see friends, neighbours and family and recharge your batteries ready for 2023 (if they’re supplied with the gift that is! They never are…).

As the Black Friday tradition grows ever more pervasive in the UK, I always regret being too disorganised and too cynical to get involved. I always start with the mindset that 20% off an item that I didn’t want to buy, even 40%, is still 60% more expensive than not taking the bait in the first place. And then Christmas Day looms and I realise that not only am I heading into Oxford to buy last minute gifts at full price but that half my family are heading away and I’ve missed the gifting deadline. So there’s a square that I’ve never quite managed to circle. I hope I’m not the only one holding out on principle only to realise that the outcome is panic and a faint whiff of the wrong kind of Charles Dickens character.

As Mike mentioned, thank you to everyone who came to bonfire night and to all who helped make it such a success despite the soggy conditions. Impressively, Jez Turner celebrated his 10th Anniversary as chief pyrotechnics officer and Salt Sellar managed to get the bonfire lit for a roaring half hour before it went safely out again. If it ever stops raining and the pile dries out a little, we may be able to re-light it in daylight to get rid of the wood. Failing that it will serve as a beacon for the King’s coronation in May. It will surely stop raining by then. Won’t it?

There was a wry smile amongst Dentoners when the leak on Denton Hill was fixed last month and Thames Water immediately announced the end of the hosepipe ban. I hope it’s sorted once and for all as it has been an issue for a very long time and we can now concentrate on campaigning to have the Cuddesdon Mill bridge fixed. Again, Mike mentioned we are pushing for this to happen.

In the meantime please contact me, Mike or any of your councillors if we can help with anything. It’s what we’re here for.

Ohana,  Chris