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From the Vicar - June 2021

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I hope that most of you have now had one or both covid vaccines?

It’s great to see covid restrictions lifting further, with hotels, pubs and restaurants now open indoors, as well as out.  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet made it to the Bat & Ball since it re-opened – an omission I hope to rectify soon!  I have enjoyed being able to venture a little further afield, and also being able to meet more people face-to-face.  However, I still feel we need to be cautious, especially with the newer variant of the virus which has caused such suffering in India.  

I’ve been taking part in ‘No-Mow May,’ and it’s been wonderful to see the variety and number of flowers in the Rectory garden and along the grass verges heading down Denton Lane.  It’s also been great to see ducklings on the River Thames earlier this month and, yesterday, to see a flock of young starlings in the Rectory garden.  (For some time, the adults had been making frequent trips to my bird feeder, filling their beaks with meal worms, then returning to their nests to feed their young, but yesterday they decided to bring the young birds to the feeder).

I am becoming increasingly conscious of the need for us to be good stewards of creation – to care for our planet and for the creatures which inhabit it, to care for the environment, and to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle climate change.  I am hoping to set up a Benefice group to explore these issues and help our church and parishioners to care for creation – I expect there are many people in Cuddesdon and Denton who share these concerns and care about these issues too.  Organisations and individuals are being encouraged to plant trees to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.  I wonder whether there is anywhere in the Parish, or the wider Benefice, where we might plant more trees?  And I wonder what else we can do together, as a village, church and benefice, to reduce our carbon footprint and to care for our world?  Do get in touch if you’d like to attend a meeting to discuss how we (as individuals, as the church, and across the benefice) can cut our carbon footprint and care for our environment.

I hope that we enjoy some better (drier) weather in June, and that covid infection rates and deaths continue to drop.  Have a lovely, safe summer!  Please do contact me if you’d like to meet up for a coffee and chat (though I am taking some leave in early and mid-June).

Take care.

God bless

Karen x