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New Sacristan for All Saints

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My name is Jacob and I was born and bred in North Warwickshire.

My father is a farm labourer and my mother a maths teacher, so I learnt to count cattle and sheep from an early age. At the age of 18 I left the Shire and went to University at Derby where I studied for a technology based engineering degree in electronics and acoustics. While at university I attended worship at the Cathedral.

One memory from my time there is of the jubilation surrounding the arrival of a young bishop of Repton! I left not long after his arrival. After university I worked full time within a small company as a project manager and environmental sound consultant. My role involved the design and development of a noise management system and temporary installation of large-scale computer networks for the Music and Events industries. So, in the winter the job involved working outside in the rain and cold, and in the summer we worked outside in the rain and mud. It wasn't all Rock n' Roll.

We also worked at civilised events such as the RHS Chelsea & Tatton Park Flower Shows, which are much more civilised than Glastonbury. I spent a few years in a Religious Community in Yorkshire, before returning home and being put forward for discernment of ordination. I became an Ordinand in 2020 and was pleased to be offered a place at Cuddesdon. I'm studying here for two years and only resident at College during term-time. For the holidays I return to Warwickshire and assist in my home parish. My placement in your Benefice has already begun and I'm looking forward to meeting you!