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Parish News - August 2021

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Angela Montgomery has donated a bench to the village, in memory of her parents Ken and Sandra Montgomery.

The bench is at the bottom of the recreation ground. Angela told me that her parents would have liked there to be a bench there, where they could sit after going for a walk. The bench has a unique design so you can look across the valley or back up to the village across the recreation ground. It was designed and built by Josh Howard-Saunders, who lives locally.

There is a lot of planning information again this month. There are planning applications for the discharge of conditions for the rear extension at Chiltern View, Denton Hill (P21/S1653/DIS) and for Dove House Farm (P21/S2560/DIS). The Parish Council is not asked for their view on these.

There are applications for a new dormer window at The Orchard in the High Street (P21/S3212/LB) and to replace some of the windows at Ripon College with ones with aluminium frames (P21/S2983/LB). There is also an application to build a garage in the plot of one of the barn conversions at Dove House Farm (P21/S3304/HH). The Parish Council has supported all three of these applications.

There are two other applications for Dove House Farm, P21/S3328/FUL and P21/S3228/LB. The tithe barn is no longer going to be a structure within a structure, but is going to be a single integrated building. These two applications show the new barn design and include proposals for landscaping.

There are some concerns about the Dove House Farm development, and a meeting is being arranged with Natta so these can be discussed. In particular, the lane has been in a poor state for more than six months and it needs to be completed, there are worries over the water which continues to flow down the road from the entrance at the corner, some of the perimeter walls need to be repaired or replaced, and a lot of trees and bushes have been lost from next to the lane and will need to be replaced if the character of the area is to be retained.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk