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Parish News - October 2022

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The verges next to the lane near the Dove House development are still in a very poor state.

Natta have told me that they are in discussion with the District Council’s Planning Department about this. Once the landscaping plans are agreed, they have said they will put down topsoil, properly landscape the area, and plant it appropriately.

Many residents have reported the mains water leak on Denton Hill to Thames Water. I have also written to them about this but received no reply. I have also written to the County Council to see if they can bring any pressure to bear because the water is damaging the road surface and this will be worse when the weather is colder.

We recently had our annual RoSPA safety inspection of the play equipment on the recreation ground. Everything was considered satisfactory except for the recommendation that the swings should be replaced. Hopefully this may already have been done by the time you read this report.

I have been asked to request that, if you are lighting fireworks, you do so away from any thatched properties so there is no possibility of setting them alight.

There is only one item to report this month about planning applications. The District Council has granted the application to reposition some of the windows from a previous application at The Orchard, 33 High Street (P22/S2610/HH).

After lengthy consideration, the District Council has agreed to combine the two wards of Cuddesdon and Denton into a single ward for parish council elections. This means that all the parish councillors will represent everyone in the community. In the event of an election, everyone will be able to vote for any candidate. The total number of councillors is staying the same at seven.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk