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Parish News - January 2023

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All the Parish Councillors were very sad to hear of the recent death of John Paxton.

He was a stalwart member of the community for many years, including serving on the Parish Council. He was very keen on the environment and he was the person to go to for anything environmental, such as to give advice on what trees or shrubs should be planted at a particular place in the village. John was always a pleasure to talk to, and he will be sadly missed.

There is an amendment to the planning application to run an underground cable from a proposed new solar farm near Milton Common along the roads through both Cuddesdon and Denton to a substation in Cowley (P22/S2220/FUL). The amendment includes a heritage statement, ecology appraisal and tree survey.

There is also a water crossing survey report, which proposes that the three river crossings (two at Cuddesdon Mill and one at Denton Brook) are achieved by horizontal drilling for a distance of 50m at a depth of 5m below the road at each location.

While commenting on this amendment, the Parish Council has taken the opportunity to reiterate its opposition to the application. The cable will be routed under the road from Cuddesdon Mill, through Cuddesdon, down Denton Hill and on to Garsington. The work is expected to take months to be completed, and is entirely inappropriate for our single track roads. 

The Parish Council has no strong views on the planning application for extensions and alterations at Jubilee Cottage, Denton Hill (P22/S3922/HH), although the increase in the volume of the building exceeds the planning guidelines.

The Parish Council has supported the application for installation of a bay window and other changes at Wesley House, Denton Hill (P22/S4307/HH).

The District Council has decided to allow modification of the porch roof at Dove House (P22/S4008/LDE) as a permitted development which does not need planning permission.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk