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Parish News - April 2023

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Four people have stood to be councillors on the new Parish Council.

They are Chris Luke, Arthur Smith-Fitchett, Paddy McGuinness and Stuart Flockton. This means that they are elected unopposed and there are three vacancies to be filled. This is done by co-option, where people put themselves forward to be councillors and the new Parish Council selects three of them.

If you are interested in being co-opted then please let me or one of the new councillors know. The Parish Council will probably make their selection of the three new councillors at May’s meeting, which is the first of the new Council. And congratulations to Stuart Flockton on becoming a councillor.

Strong support was expressed at April’s meeting for the Parish Council to register the pub as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). Not only would this give us the chance to buy it if it was for sale but it makes it less likely that a planning application would be granted to allow it to be redeveloped for housing if sold elsewhere.

Nicko King has kindly agreed to manage the registration process, so if you are prepared to help, please contact him.

It is disappointing to learn from CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) that the District Council’s recent record with approval of ACV nominations has not been good. Also, there may be problems with registering the pub as an ACV if its bed and breakfast rooms are included rather than just registering the pub alone.

The Parish Council has supported a planning application for a hobby/garden room at The Forge in Denton (P23/S0679/HH). The District Council has granted planning permission for a pergola at 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S0094/HH) and for the planning application for a rear extension at 10 Parkside (P23/S0341/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk