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Parish News - May 2023

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Not enough people decided to stand to be parish councillors, so Robin Baylie, David Keene and Richard Palmer have been co-opted onto the Council.

They join Stuart Flockton, Chris Luke, Paddy McGuinness and Arthur Smith-Fitchett to make up the new Parish Council.

Chris Luke has been elected Chairman for his ninth year.

The beacon burned particularly well at the coronation celebration, despite there having been heavy rain before the event. In no small part this was because of the preparation work and expert lighting by Salt Sellar and Graeme Sellar. Pallets were included at the bottom of the beacon which made it burn better and it is hoped to use the same plan for the bonfire in November so it burns more readily.

The general view is that the screen of trees and shrubs along the back of Cuddesdon Green should be retained. The occupants of Church Road are particularly keen for them to stay. Following the previous tidying done by some of the parish councillors, there may be a small amount of more work done, but none of the trees and shrubs will be removed.

There was a public meeting in the village hall in May to discuss registration of the pub as an asset of community value. An informative talk was given by David Cooper of CAMRA explaining the registration process. It was clear at the meeting that there is a great deal of enthusiasm to keep the pub. Nicko King has put together a group of individuals who are going to pursue the project.

The planning application for a hobby/garden room at The Forge at Denton Green (P23/S0679/HH) has been granted by the District Council. The planning application for the Dove House Farm conversion of the tithe barn into two dwellings (P22/S2074/FUL) has been withdrawn.

It is good news that the bridge at the mill has been repaired, although it took about 18 months for the work to be done.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk