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Parish News - August 2023

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The application to register the Bat and Ball as an asset of community value has been submitted to the District Council.

They have raised a few points and so some additional work is being done to complete the application process.

Ripon College has been approached by an organisation working on a government pilot scheme to create a drone highway between Reading and Coventry. The organisation identified Cuddesdon as a suitable location for a mast which would be used to monitor and control drones in the corridor, and they asked if they could put a mast up at the bottom corner of the College’s football field. The mast would be about 25m high.

After consideration, the College has decided they do not want to have the mast in their field, and the Parish Council agrees with their decision.

The Parish Council considered having safety mirrors installed at the two sharp bends near the Dove House development when the road was modified a while ago. This was so that drivers could see cars coming towards them round the corners. There has been a further request for these mirrors but we are not going to have them because the County Council is opposed to it. They consider that mirrors can be misleading in terms of drivers misjudging vehicle speeds and distances. Also, there is no recent history of accidents in this area.

The Parish Council has supported the planning application for a garage at 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S1892/HH). This is a revision to a previous application at the location.

There is a new application for a house at Upper Farm in Denton (P23/S2093/S73). This replaces a previous application because the site now has a new owner and they want to change the design. The Parish Council is opposed to this application because they think the building is too close to the road, too large and not traditional as was the previous design. They also consider that their objections to the previous application still apply. These include that it is overdevelopment of the site, it encroaches onto the green belt, and the lane is unsuited to any increase in traffic.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk