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Parish News - September 2023

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Evie Bennett, Philip Spinks and Louisa Vincent have been co-opted onto the Parish Council.

They join Robin Baylie, Stuart Flockton, Chris Luke and Arthur Smith-Fitchett as councillors, so the Council is now at full strength.

The final version of the application for the Bat and Ball to be registered as an asset of community value has now been submitted. The District Council has said that they will decide whether they will approve the application by the end of October.

Admiral are being very tight lipped about their intentions for the pub, but it has been discovered that the annual rent is £73k although this will be reviewed in two years time.

Further work on the ACV project might include assessing the commercial viability of the pub and forming a group to consider how funding its purchase could be achieved.

The District Council has approved the planning application to run a solar farm cable under the road through the parish (P22/S2220/FUL). This cable will carry power from the proposed solar farm near the motorway at junction 7 to a substation in Cowley. I will try to find out when the cable laying is likely to take place and how much disruption there will be.

Following clearing of the back of Cuddesdon Green, it has been suggested that a Green Group should be formed to look at further improvements in the area.

Two trees on Denton Green have been pruned to make them safe and the dead tree near the churchyard entrance has been removed.

The County Council will be adopting the verges near the road at the Dove House development. They have been applying pressure to Natta to have the area landscaped before adoption takes place, and have had some success. Magdalen College own the land further back and they have also had some success in getting the area improved.


Mike Mount

Parish Clerk