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Parish News - October 2023

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All three new councillors attended October’s meeting.

It is good to have the Parish Council back to full strength again after several months with only four councillors.

From time to time the Parish Council investigates whether any changes can be made in the village to improve traffic safety. Most recently Tim Bearder, our County Councillor, has been pressing for a 20mph speed limit to be introduced and so residents are being canvassed on their opinions about this.

One area where the traffic is fast is on the way into Cuddesdon past Parkside. Suggestions on how to reduce the traffic speed in this area include white safety gates mounted on the verge, which have the psychological effect of slowing the traffic, or an electric sign which flashes up vehicles’ speeds as they pass.

Each year we have a RoSPA inspection of the play equipment on the recreation ground to make sure it is safe. The latest inspection confirmed that the goal posts are becoming rusty at the bottom so we are investigating having them replaced. We fitted new goal nets recently but the frames are the original ones bought 17 years ago.

We have had the two tree stumps removed on Denton Green and on Cuddesdon Green near the churchyard entrance.

We have asked the County Council to clean the roadside drains, many of which are overflowing. I do not believe the drains have been cleared for at least six years.

The planning application with design revisions to the new house at Upper Farm in Denton (P23/S2093/S73) has been approved by the District Council. The revised application for a garage in the garden of 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S1892/HH) has been refused because it is considered to be an inappropriate development in the green belt.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk