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Parish News - November 2023

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The Parish Council has not been in favour of a reduction of our 30mph speed limit to 20mph, even though the County Council have been pressing hard for some time for this change to be made.

The councillors thought it would be a good idea to find out if the community agreed with their view so the residents have been canvassed. 100 homes were visited and there was no reply at another 35. Of those spoken to, 65 thought the speed limit should be reduced, 31 thought it should stay at 30mph, and 4 did not have a view. There was little support for other measures, such as chicanes or road markings.

Following the canvassing, the Parish Council meeting at the beginning of November was well attended by members of the public and almost all of them were strongly opposed to the speed limit being reduced to 20mph.

The application to register the Bat and Ball as an Asset of Community Value has been successful, so thank you to Nicko King and the team for all their efforts which made this happen. It means that the community will have the opportunity to bid for the pub if it is put up for sale in the next five years.

The latest news is that Admiral think they have found someone who is appropriate to run the pub, although it is not clear when it might reopen.

The bonfire night and fireworks were very well supported this year. 248 tickets were sold, which is nearly twice as many as usual. There were many children present and the event was enjoyed by everyone. Every year the Parish Council wonders whether the ticket price should be raised but it obviously works keeping them as cheap as it is.

Particular thanks this year for making the fireworks such a success go to Lisa Baylie, Ian Brown, Colin Hessey, Therese Luke, Paddy McGuinness, Dee Murray, Graeme Sellar, Salt Sellar, Anne Stern, Tash and Jez Turner, and Lynda Ware.

SODC has refused planning permission for the application to erect a garage at 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S1892/HH). The Parish Council supports a new application to build a two storey extension at 27 Parkside (P23/3259/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk