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Parish News - January 2024

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The new owner of the Tithe Barn at Dove House has submitted a revised planning application for the barn’s conversion to a residence (P23/S4142/S73 and P23/S4119/LB) and the Parish Council supports this application.

The redesign includes an open living space in the main building with a home office in the western wing and a bedroom wing to the east. The other significant change is that there will not be any rooflights in the barn as previously proposed. Instead the roof of the building will be unbroken and there will be additional openings in the external walls to let the light in.

The Parish Council remains concerned about the reduction in the number of trees and shrubs near the road, although any comments we have made to the District Council’s Planning Officer about this have been ignored for several years.

The new owner is eager to plant appropriate trees to the front of his property to make the aspect from the road more acceptable.

An appeal has been lodged with the District Council against the rejection of planning permission for the erection of a two storey garage and garden store at 1 Dove House Lane (P23/S1892/HH). The rejection considered the development to be inappropriate in the green belt, but the appeal argues that the new building is a proportionate addition and conforms to requirements for development in the green belt.

The District Council has granted planning permission for the two storey rear and side extension at 27 Parkside (P23/3259/HH).

The carols round the Christmas tree were very successful again this year. Thanks to Mark Chapman who led the carols and to those who managed the refreshments, including Gillie King who looked after the mulled wine.

And thanks to David Keene who obtained and put up the Christmas tree on Cuddesdon Green.


Mike Mount

Parish Clerk