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Parish News - April 2021

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As of the middle of April, construction of the row of terraced houses at Dove House Farm was almost complete.

The interiors were being decorated and the electrical fittings were being installed. The paving, roadway and gardens outside the houses were being constructed.

The main barn and other buildings are having structural work done to them, and then other work such as reroofing will be done. The aim is to complete the conversion of these buildings by September.

The concrete base from the old farmyard is being removed. This is a major task and it is taking some weeks to dig all the concrete up. Also, some strengthening and improvement is being done to the wall bordering the churchyard.

A date has not been set when the changes to the road outside the site will be completed. Natta are still in discussion with the County Council to make sure there is financial agreement about this work.

The road to Cuddesdon Mill is scheduled to be closed from 24th May to 28th May. This is so that the County Council can do carriageway repairs at the top of the hill beyond the mill.

The Parish Council has been notified of the discharge of the condition requiring there to be an arboricultural method statement for the planning application at Dove House Farm (P20/S0780/DIS). Also, there is an amendment to the planning application for Willow Cottage (P20/S3991/HH) to split the work so that initially the internal reworking of the property is done. The Parish Council has supported this amendment.

It was a huge relief to hear that the expressway was not going to be built. We are very fortunate to have Peter Rutt in our community, who led the Expressway Action Group opposed to this road. The EAG’s calm and methodical approach played a significant part in the cancellation of the project. I would like to thank Peter and everyone in the EAG for their work. After all, most of us choose to live here because of the peace and tranquillity.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk